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Spirit Takes FormThis poster is 12X24 inches  and will be a great addition to your home or office.

So you can gaze at the Cosmic purpose and how “Spirit takes Form” through Astrology.

A brief explanation about this poster.

  • We see the age of the Solar System, 4.5 Billion years – and the immensity of time expressed by our Solar System. 
  • We see that time expressed through the sacred number 108 at the top – showing the relationship between the Sun and the Moon.
  • Next we see how that Cosmic energy filters down to the 7 main planets (and the Nodes)
  • Next we see how that planetary energy becomes the astrological signs
  • Lastly we see how the Astrology houses are revealed

The Story of This Poster
I made this poster to be an inspiration to myself and others, to frame astrology in a life-affirming, choice affirming system of life and wisdom.

In ancient times astrology was part of a typical life education given to educated people, called “Brahmins” at the time. Now we are all Brahmins, educated people. These sciences were a part of life knowledge from a culture deeply connected to the rhythms of life and the Cosmic wisdom implicit in this chart.

You see, the planets are not just “dumb rocks” moving around, they are diving beings. In the words of the Rishi Parashara:
“Lord Vishnu has incarnated as the 9 Planets to bestow upon the living being the fruits of their karmas, to destroy the demons and establish righteousness.

I would love to get this poster in your hands and let it be a visual affirmation of the Divine Universe you inhabit.