One Voice – One System Vedic Astrology

Like Everything Else You Have Learned – You Need A System!

How to Make Consistent Astrology Predictions – Without Wasting Years of Your Life Chasing Unproven Theories or Tearing Your Hair Out With Different Teachers and Conflicting Information. 

Are you tired of just gathering a lot of information, but never seeing a complete system working consistently – over and over again that you can understand yourself and do consistently yourself?

“If you are inspired to learn astrology, but frustrated looking for a proven system of astrology that works over and over, then please look this letter over. Your future with astrology is at stake.”

Chart Reading Intensive in San Francisco

Dear Student,
You are invited to an exclusive 2 day (or 3 day) workshop in San Francisco on February (8), 9-10 to study, clarify an implement the teachings and strategies that we are learning in the Certification course. If you are feeling good about what you have learned so far, but still do not feel comfortable integrating the concepts into a cohesive strategy of chart reading, this weekend is for you.

The creative spark has been lit in you, as shown by your participation in the Certification course. In order for that spark to catch fire and illuminate your life and the lives of others, there has to be a greater ignition, like when we start our car and the spark plug meets the right “fuel/air mixture”. Only then does the engine roar to life. Only an engine running smoothly can take you anywhere. I want that for you and your practice.

Once this this ignition happens, and the motor is running, there is the potential for movement and greater traction. Gaining traction can be sped up considerably in astrology when you get together with teachers and colleagues from time to time and see the principles working and practice them yourself in a supportive environment. At that point your astrology practice becomes a unique and powerful living force of good for you, those in your life and the world.

I will teach a bonus class on Friday February 8 where I will share some shortcuts, tips and tricks that you have never heard before (I’m sure because I have not heard them anywhere else either).

This extra day will surely ignite the spark in you, leading to greater traction immediately.

ONLY $179.00
18 Hours Class Time

(Bonus day)


Below Are A Few Things You Will Learn
In This Weekend Course:

How to integrate the planets and signs easily and discuss them with greater ease
Simple ways to know whether or not a planet will be operating on a higher scale of intelligence or not.
Days and days worth of case studies, where we will be using the exact specific techniques you are learning in the Certification course.
 Retrograde planetary case studies, that show exactly how they behave.
Deeper insights into the Nodes and actual events and feelings associated with them.
Deeper insight into your chart, as we will go over member charts in the class if they wish.
practice reading charts and “Speaking the Chart” in a safe and supportive environment, with your fellow students.
Course will be recorded for you to listen to later
In person Workshop is only open to students of the Certification Course.
How to see a person’s deepest obsessions and what to say to help them channel that energy in a more conscious direction.
How to know when a difficulty, like a major health issue, is just a passing phase or if it is  something that is settling in for the long haul. This is really valuable as most people get readings when distressed and you must be able to tell if their stress (or their child / partner’s stress) is life changing or momentary.
The most difficult houses and influences for the Moon and why it is so. Knowing this allows you to read the clients mind and feel their inner landscape.
Two Words: Problem Clients – and how to see in their natal chart whether or not it might be best to avoid doing their reading.
Much Much More.