Sales Copy

Section #1 – Headlines
1. How to (Yay!) without (Boo!)
How to get 10 times more energy without drinking coffee
2. Question About Pain:
Are you tired of doctors who can’t heal you?
How to end the pain now without pills or potions today!

3. Dog Whistle
“If you have trouble sleeping, read this!
Discover how to fall asleep naturally… without pills or medication.”

Section #2 – Open
1. If you (want to yay) then this. Here’s why:
“If you’d like to create internet campaigns then, this is the most important book you’ll ever read. Here’s why (This solution is so great!)”

Section #3 – To Address Skepticism
1. Damaging admission/disqualify/address skepticism

The system I outline is working great for me and my students, and I think it will help you too.

But there is a Problem, and let me be blunt

I have no idea if it will help you or not. You may not apply the teachings. You may get distracted. You may lack the confidence that it takes to push through and achieve success. You might not even want to work hard. Sometimes people get all excited about studying, but then once the course starts, they want it to be easy, and it is not. You will need to apply yourself.

Section #4 – Intro to the Offer

1. Overview of the Offer
“,. With that said let me jump right in and show you,..


First of all this is not like any busiess book you’ve ever read. There’s no fluff or filler – just battle tested tactics that are working right now

And it’s easy to read

At close to 400 pages,  it is very thorough. And you’ll immediately get the overview of the system I have now taught to hundreds of graduates from my Certification course.

Section #5 – Expand the Benefits
1. Expand the Offer
It’s about more than just (yay)

The book will teach you vedic astrology and yoga – but it will also be teaching about life and how the cosmos works. Ask yourself, do you know who you are, why you are here and why ANYTHING is here ,.. etc.

Section #6 – Bullets

·      How to X, even if Y – Page 65

·      You need X, right, WRONG! – Page 65

·      X ways to Y – Page 65

·      Where to find Y – Page 65

·      How to eliminate  – Page 65

·      What you should never – Page 65

·      Why (counterintuitive) works – Page 65

·      Say goodbye to (frustration) – Page 65

·      The truth about (x) – Page 65

·      If you (problem, concern, issue) then (partial) solution – Page 65

~ Have You Been Boiling Eggs in The Wrong Pot?
Address their nagging questions with big bullets questions.
Transition to Stack: “Yes, that’s a lot of (X) but it gets better because you’re also getting …

Section #7 – Bonuses

Sell the bonuses as strong as the product


Section #8 – Close


“Here’s what to do next”
Explain what will happen after they purchase (mail, download info, etc.)


Section #9 – Address Concerns

Price – Self-doubt – is this a trick – scarcity – is this better than another option?


Section #10 – Add a New Bonus

The Back-end Webinar that shows you how to

Section #11 – Guarantee

And by the way, even though you are only paying for shipping – you’re still protected by,..

My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Section #11 – Call to Action –

,.. how is that for fair?