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Author Sam Geppi is a passionate, highly respected and well-seasoned Vedic astrologer with a large following of students and fans. In other words, he knows his stuff! I commend him for this beautiful book and look forward to his future more advanced titles.
Juliana Swanson


Thank you Sam Geppi for yet another excellent tool to help understand how our spirit takes form. This book has a clear outline of of the universal principles and frameworks of Vedic astrology. It clearly explains Astrology from as a scientific study, not just a divination tool to be used to do a reading. Sam Geppi clearly explains how astrology shows our karma unfolding and how those karmas connect the spiritual and psychological with the physical. Each aspect of astrology is explained in great detail.
Cynthia Welch



The Books are Kicking Butt on Amazon.comYoga_and_Vedic_Astrology_-_Sister_Sciences_of_Spiritual_Healing__Sam_Geppi__9780996848206__Amazon_com__Books 3


Yoga_and_Vedic_Astrology_-_Sister_Sciences_of_Spiritual_Healing__Sam_Geppi__9780996848206__Amazon_com__Books 2

$34.96 + Shipping

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A Big ‘Ole Bottle of “Astrology Rocket Sauce”

So many people start out with a great love of astrology, and wanting to understand it in a holistic way. They buy an astrology book, then realize it is complicated and very hard to learn. Instead of something inspiring, astrology becomes one more thing that is confusing and frustrating. In my latest book, I have addressed this issue. I have gotten enormous experience teaching my Certification Course the last several years, and that insight has gone into this book.

I start from the very beginning, from the spiritual tradition itself. The truth is, that is where all the “astrological rocket sauce” is anyway. These spiritual truths transcend astrology, and give it meaning.

The Book is called“Yoga and Vedic Astrology – Sister Sciences of Spiritual Healing” – and it takes the complicated principles of Vedic astrology and makes them simple and digestible for everyone

Principles in this book can be put in your life right now, regardless of whether you study astrology or not.

In this book:

  • I first describe the sacred astronomy, which actually shows how the universe itself is the great cosmic being that creates everything. By the way, this is why all astrological systems work. You have forgotten the miracle of life on earth. I mean think about it, you are on a little rock, moving around a gigantic ball of fire at almost 70,000 miles an hour, right now!
  • Next, I describe the emergence of yoga, astrology and the other Vedic sciences from the scriptural/cultural tradition of India. I accomplish this by analyzing the ancient texts, from the Vedas to the two most important yogic texts: the Bhagavad-Gita and the yoga sutras of Patanjali. You will understand how this timeless wisdom was passed down from abstract teachings to practical methods that you can use in your everyday life.
  • Next, I connect those threads to spiritual structures like Chakras, elements, 3 Gunas (Body, mind, Spirit) and the other qualities of Samkya philosophy (the philosophy of Yoga). Understanding how your energetic bodies work and cooperate with each other is crucial to understanding what is exactly happening with astrology and the astrology chart. Most people have absolutely no idea how astrology works at all. Do you?
  • Then, I begin to describe astrology, as the science of karma, as the science of spirit taking form. This begins by mapping the same universal qualities of yoga to the astrological components. First, the planets and their relationship to the elements, the gunas, and universal principles they govern, are analyzed. These are the energetic factors of life, the seven rays of consciousness, the seven evolutionary forces.
  • Next, I describe the astrology signs of the zodiac as the sacred mandala through which the planets express themselves and through which our karmic mind unfolds. Most of us identify with the signs as the “feeling” of life.
  • Next, I outline the astrology houses from many different angles to bring specifics into astrological considerations. This shows whether that powerful Venus gives us a great job, a great house, or great butt! We can’t know the details until we learn astrology houses.
  • Next, I describe the 27 constellations (nakshatras) and how they work on a spiritual level. I explain each one in detail, and show how to approach each planet through them. The celestial zodiac refers to a deeper cosmic nature overlooked by other astrological systems, including Western astrology.


  • Next I give an overview of the lunar nodes, the eclipse points, and briefly describe these very compelling karmic forces. The main attractions and repulsions in life come from the lunar nodes.
  • Next, I outline the major aspects and Yogas (planetary associations) and how to understand the way divine energy communicates within us. These specific connections show the complexities, great strengths and inner conflicts in life.
  • Next, I get into timing factors, to show how to actually read a chart and organize the information. This advanced material will help to take your understanding beyond just gathering information, and help you apply it.
  • Next, I give a couple example charts and give you chart reading templates so you can actually begin to approach your chart and understand your karma. I give two powerful case studies of both a general chart analysis, and an event in their lives shown by the timing factors.

This text is actually volume 1 in a series called “Essentials of Vedic astrology” – and serves as a companion to my very popular certification courses.

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A Classic Text – Since 2005

In this book, published in 2005 – I break down the important rules and structures for breaking down astrology charts, and especially the planets as house rulers – as establishing a 3D look into each of the Signs.

The “108 Planets” is simply a way of showing how 9 planets operate in a totally different way based on the houses it rules from the Ascendant.


The Planets and the 3 Gunas The planets each have a Guna through which they operate and which activates them. The guna is like the inherent nature of the planet. Regardless of house lordship or disposition they will always give a certain amount of the quality indicated by their guna.

Sattwic (Harmony)
Sun – Lights up our mind and path with power, truth, inspiration and sacrifice.
Moon – Brings a sense of peace and connection to our embodied worldly existence
Jupiter – Allows for our intelligence, right conduct and expansive nature to unfold.

Sattwa is related to our Godly nature. In Yoga is said that the true nature of reality is “Satchitananda.” Sat – Infinite Power and Existence – The Sun Chit – All Knowing and Wise – Jupiter Ananda – Pure Bliss – The Moon

Rajasic (Passion)
Mercury – Organizes sensory input and gives speech and skills to use that data in the world.
Venus – Makes us choose what will bring happiness and where we will seek it.

Rajas is related to the Human experiences of passion and motivation. Rajas is related to the emotions.

Tamasic (Darkness)
Mars – Gives an aggressive opinionated nature that we use to fight our daily battles and protect ourselves.
Saturn – Gives the awareness of our limitations, including our death, which causes fear and withdrawal.
Rahu – Eclipses our mind through the illusory power of Maya and its resultant material attachments.
Ketu – Eclipses our happiness with a deep discontent with things and people. This discontent can lead to explosive behavior.

Healthy Tamas is related to subhuman qualities we need occasionally to protect our body. As psychological concepts though they are obstructing in nature, particularly as expressed through Rahu and Ketu.

Read what others have said about the book.

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Sam Geppi (Sadasiva) is the author of "The Ascendant-108 Planets of Vedic Astrology". He is the founder of the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science - which offers level 1-3 Certification programs in Vedic Astrology. Currently the Academy has more than 120 students enrolled. Sam is certified level 1 and 2 through ACVA and CVA and was hired by Dattatreya Shiva Baba to teach the first Astroved Vedic Astrology Certification Program in 2010.